• When Raymond the Cow decides to leave his friends for a better life in the city, he gets himself a job and starts to make a lot of money and buy a lot of stuff! However, he soon learns that friendship is the greatest possession anyone can own. This book teaches children that happiness lies in the friendships you share with others, and not in the material possessions you might seek. There is no greater gift than that of true friendship. This story will have your children rolling on the ground with laughter.

  • ‘Where’s My Memory?’ is a book aimed at primary school children. It tells the tale of Bernard the Elephant who returns to the place of his birth to lie down for the final time. In their search for water, his family are reluctantly forced to leave him behind. The text works on a number of levels and promotes the culture of community amongst children; giving for the sake of giving, helping because help is needed. The underlying message behind the text is that ‘A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.’ It shows children that the smallest gesture on their part may mean the world to somebody else. Within the story, Bernard is helped by another species of animal. He cannot repay her, as she quickly moves on, but the lesson he learns from her kindness is one that he takes with him to his family and ultimately helps him save the life of another.

  • ‘Are These your Glasses?’ is a book aimed at primary school children. It tells the tale of a lonely penguin who is faced with many hurdles as he grows up. The book has been designed to inspire deep conversations within the classroom and home, to educate children about what it feels like to be excluded. It explains how when we are faced with challenges in life, we can overcome them by showing sheer determination and a great deal of care and love.

  • This collection of books is a MUST have for every primary aged child.
    The books are designed to teach children three of the most valuable lessons in life, they are entertaining and are a great
    stimulus to inspire deep conversations around what it is like to be a good person. They improve comprehension skills and will soon be your child’s favourite bedtime stories.