Our Mission – Over the next few years we will do several things:

1. We will produce 7 books, based on seven continents that deal with seven issues children face in schools today. Our goal is to teach children how to live a safer, happier life. School can be hard but we want to make it easy. As a primary school teacher myself I have seen how school can be. I was bullied too as a child and with our books and teaching resources in your home and school, the world should be a nice place to be.

2. Are you trying to write a book and publish it? Well you’re on the right site. Simply contact us and tell us what you need. If you’re still writing your manuscript, then we can help. If it’s ready to print then we have the contacts. Simply mail us and we can guide you through every step. leaving you to reap the rewards of your hard work. We will take a consultation fee for our advice and contacts but once the book is ready, all the profits are yours.

3. We want to change the world and if you’re interested, you can come along too!